Which one are you?
Everybody should enjoy the spirit of freedom that comes with a Smartkat. Who is sailing our boats? You’d be amazed.
Check out our customers. Different and unique people with diverse missions and adventures, but all sharing the same goal. Absolute freedom and complete mobility.
Mike and Heidi (Graz, Austria)

"We love our campervan. Every spare minute we get, we escape out of town. I (Heidi) have flextime at work and my husband Mike works as an independent consultant, so he can work from any location and has flexible hours as well. Sometimes, if there is no wind, we don’t even mind - we go mountain biking instead. During our winter break, we take our Smartkat on vacation. Every year in March we escape the cold for one or two weeks. As Mike has earned a lot of miles with his business trips, we even get to check-in our Smartkat bags for free."
Matteo (Zürich, Switzerland)

"Top mountain climbers want to master all 14 independent eight-thousanders on earth. My vision is to hunt down sailing locations where nobody has sailed before. It starts with Heli dropping the Smartkat in the Caribbean off a remote island, sailing the Amazon, or travelling to the Pink Lakes in Bolivia above 4000m altitudes. We have hundreds of adventures left. When I travel with my Smartkat, all trips are always prepared well – nothing is left to chance."
Karsten (Kiel, Germany)

"I race my fiberglass catamaran in my spare time as soon as the season begins. If the weather starts to blow, I bring my race catamaran on shore and swop it for the Smartkat. I just don´t want to risk damage to my racing catamaran but I still get to enjoy strong wind sailing at its best. With the Smartkat, I could also join open regattas and probably easily win as the light weight of the Smartkat gives you a competitive advantage."
Frederic and Manon (Bordeaux, France)

"We want to stay flexible. We’re not the sort of people who join a club and go there every week. With the Smartkat it´s easy – no club, no trailer, no obligations to anything or anyone. Luckily, we bought it together with another couple - half the cost and sometime the girls get to enjoy the beach while we send the boys off on their own."
Markus, Pia and Tim (Munich, Germany)

"For us, the Smartkat is the ideal family boat whether you’re sailing with four people or sailing on your own. The boat is perfect for single-handed sailing as well as family fun. Sometimes in summer, we don’t even rig the Smartkat and use it instead as a bathing platform. Our next investment will be an electric engine so that we can have even more fun and make the most of our Smartkat when there’s no wind at all."
Tom (Boston, USA)

"All sailors say that the happiest day of a sailboat owner’s life is the day you sell your boat. I used to own a 15-year-old 38-feet cruising boat but spent half of the time working on the boat instead of sailing it. Winterizing my boat and then preparing it for the new season took at least two full days of work – not to mention the time and cost of repairs. Now with the Smartkat, I store my boat in my Thule roof box in my garage. I’m ready to go anytime and am finally spending more time on the water than working on the boat."
Blake and Marie (Barbados, Caribbean)

"We have a 50-foot yacht and we use the Smartkat as a dingy. Water drains through the mesh and you never have a wet boat when you’re going onshore. It´s also a great safety feature. If the yacht ever sinks, we’ll have a maneuverable rescue boat to sail away instead of floating on the ocean just waiting for help. Also, Blake is super active - even after a tough sailing day he sometimes jumps on the Smartkat after we anchor to squeeze in one more adventure."
Bernd (Marseille, France)

"I am a casual day sailor looking for variety in my spare time. My wife and I enjoy camping with our caravan. After 10 days of resting though, I get cabin fever. The car and caravan are immaculate, everything on my to-do list had been done -  now it´s time to get active. The Smartkat is a perfect toy for me. I am not so much into sailing, but I use it as a dinghy to go fishing. My electrical Torqeedo engine can be used on any lake. Lately, I also started sailing a bit but I’m taking it slow."
Thomas (Miami, USA) 

"As an instructor, I find that the Smartkat is the perfect boat with which to teach sailing. I can take up to 3 learners onboard. Not using an additional boat to give instructions saves time and money for me. What is superb with the Smartkat is that my pupils catch onto the basic sailing principles very quickly. Even when there is almost no wind, I can still run my classes because the Smartkat’s light weight makes it very responsive. More and more people are attracted to this boat because Smartkat sailing is less expensive and time consuming than joining a sailing club or buying a big boat."
Wendy (Goodwood, UK)
"I was looking for the lightest boat on the market. Weight is key to me as I am only 1,63m tall and weigh 55 kg. As I sail on my own, transportation, setup and the ease of single-handed sailing were very important. I also bought a trailer, which is a great help in carrying the two bags to the launch site. Believe me, every kg counts!
Frank (Panama City, Panama)

"I own a Smartkat because I love kite surfing. My beach house is the perfect getaway for the weekend, and an app on my mobile phone shows me the ideal time to leave the city if I want to catch a strong wind. If there’s not enough wind to kite, I switch to my Smartkat. It’s great to be always on the water, and it shortens the time it takes to get back on my kite when the wind picks up.”
Bronco (Ilha Bella, Brazil)

"I am new to sailing and didn’t sail at all before getting a Smartkat. Although my jetski is exciting to ride, I bought the Smartkat because I always wanted to sail but never had time to take classes and get a license. With the Smartkat, I now have another toy to enjoy the beach to the fullest. Yeah, I really love my toys!"