Easy to carry. The Smartkat is extremely lightweight to carry in two bags. Transportation and sailing are easy single-handed operations.

Smartkat Adventure: 47kg
Smartkat High Performance: 45kg
Racing Hulls: +3kg

No license required. In most countries, you don’t need a license to sail a Smartkat and there are no speed limits. You can push your Smartkat, and yourself, to the absolute limit.

No licence required
100% fun

Sail with up to four people.  When you’re not enjoying your Smartkat for performance sailing, use it as a water platform for family and friends. Plenty of space for everyone to stretch out and join the party.

Capacity for 4 people
Maximum Payload: 320kg

Mobility is key. Take your Smartkat everywhere. Smartkats are even welcome on planes.

Maximum Roof Load Car = Weight of Base Support + Weight of Roof Box + Payload
Maximum Roof Load Car: From 75kg ... 100kg depending on car
Lufthansa Medium Sports Luggage per Bag: 15-32kg and/or 1.4-2m

Short set-up time. Out of the bags and into the water in 20 minutes. Even faster when it comes to bagging up.

Setup-Time: 20 Minutes
Packing-Time: 10 Minutes
Save 5 Minutes with an Electric Pump

Cost efficient. No marina costs. No storage costs. No trailer costs. No club memberships. Rinse off your Smartkat and put it away in minutes. Throw it in your car trunk or your closet at home knowing it will be ready to go when you are.

Yearly Costs: Club Membership/Marina Costa/Storage Costs
One-Off Cost: Trailer

Easy to learn. If you’re only just learning to sail, you’ll have a boat that is extremely responsive and stable in light winds. Perfectly suited to safely practice your new skills on days with very little wind.

Responsiveness: Sail even with a gentle breeze
Stability: Built to sail in harsh conditions
Safety: Stay always on the safe side

High performance sailing. Experienced sailors can fly on one hull or push the limits with a trapeze. Get out there and feel the buzz on days when the wind is blowing Force 6!

Wind Force 1 / 2: Enough wind for a great sailing experience
Wind Force 4: For practiced sailors
Wind Force 5 / 6: Requires practice and professional sailing skills

Sustainability. Clean, pure, and free wind. The ultimate renewable resource is at your fingertips. No gas and no smoke polluting the air. No oil being burned or spilled in the water. It’s an environmental no-brainer. You, the wind, and your Smartkat.

We are on a good way ....
... but still a lot can be done