Our Smartkat is an innovative, high-quality, premium product. Join our team and represent us as an equal partner on your website. Be part of this vibrant and rapidly expanding outdoor trend and we’ll create great stories together.
Our offer:
A profitable commission of 300-500 EUR for all Smartkat models.
Get on board from the start:
We are just beginning to offer an affiliate program. To date, we only have a few affiliate web sites. We know there will be many more before long.
Get informed:
If you need more background information about our products or our company, just let us know and we will arrange a call. We will provide you with an information package including our logo, product, and engaging images. Additionally, we will send you our press release.
Influencer Marketing:
We provide a demonstration Smartkat for product tests, on request, to influential partners. It´s always compelling because once you sail a Smartkat, it´s tough to give it back. You’ll enjoy the experience and we’re sure to create some interesting stories together.
How to become an affiliate partner:
  • Register on our website
  • Create an account or, if you already have one, please log in
  • Open the request to become our affiliate marketing partner (click the “Affiliate Marketing” button)
  • Click on “Affiliate marketing application”. Your application will be sent to us for review and if everything looks good, we will notify you that you’ve been accepted as an affiliate partner and welcome you on board.
Affiliate marketing partner:
Once you have been activated, you can switch to your affiliate marketing area by clicking the “affiliate marketing” button. You will find three activated options:
Your affiliate marketing area:
Please fill in your account data at the “edit account details” area. As soon as you have earned a payment, we will transfer the amount to the account indicated.
"Orders and Commissions" area:
Here, you get an overview of your payments.
"Products and Commissions" area:
You will find a list of all products which have been approved for our affiliate marketing program. By clicking the link, you will be redirected to the appropriate product detail page. The URL provided is the affiliate link, which has been assigned to you as an affiliate for that product. This link can be saved (copy and paste) for use in your blog or website.

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