SmartSUP Ultralight Performance 5.9

What is included in the SUP Package?

SUP | Click-in Fin | Pump-Bag/Rucksack (for air volume) | Nano-Pumpe (for high pressure) | Carry-Belt & Leash | Repair-Kit

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The world´s most compact and simple to use holistic SUP package: Smart, simple and light. 



Ultra Lightweight Board

Hold the most multifunctional board with just one finger! We managed to reduce the weight by 50% compared to a conventional inflatable board. Every kg counts! The board is designed to be versatile but long enough (11´1”) to perform across a wide range of conditions, by all kinds of riders. It stands out with unrivalled stiffness, extreme durability and high premium quality.


50% Less Packing Size

Compared to a regular SUP. The sum of all innovations reduces the size of the package to half. Perfect to take your SmartSUP on every trip!


Revolutionary Pump- and Transport Backpack

Waterproof and multifunctional. The transport rucksack transforms into a high volume 50 litre pump bag. Inflate about 95% of the needed air volume with only 10 to 15 bag compressions. One bag compression is equal to about 10 to 15 pump strokes with a regular hand pump.


Waterproof Drybag

Leave nothing behind. After inflating the board, the pump/transport-bag transforms into your drybag to store your belongings. No need to return anything to your car. Stay flexible wherever you go!


3-Piece Deckpad Technology

For compact packing size. Our innovative scattered deck pad allows the split-folding of the board to reduce the packing height (50%) and a tighter rolling to reduce the diameter for transport. This is crucial for a compact package. For that reason also the front part of the board is not covered with a deck pad. The less amount of glue needed counts also positive into the weight balance.


Multifunctional Carry- and Leash System

„3 in 1“ Functionality. One strap – three functions: The buckle strap for the rolled SUP for transport mode (1) transforms into a carrying strap for the inflated board (2) over your shoulder or you can use the carry-handle function (3). Once you reached the water, clip out the front clip of the carry strap and attach the Velcro strap around your leg as safety leash. All in one, how genius!


Center Fin

Smart and clickable. Our innovative 3-piece folding technique allows us to use a center fin which has enormous advantages for stability and course holding vs. side fins. Boards folded in half can´t use a center fin!


Bungy Strap Tie Downs

Store all your belongings safe on the board. The straps from the pump- and transport backpack transforms into bungee cords to tie down your drybag to the board. Interlock the carabiner hooks of the straps to the O-rings on the SUP for additional safety to attach your belongings to the board if you capsize.


Multi Purpose Use

Not just a SUP! The SmartSUP can be modified into a kayak. Optional kayak seats can be attached to the side O-rings on the SUP and the paddle can be upgraded with a second blade for paddling. No need to buy a kayak anymore!


Ultra Nano Pump

Light and small! Every SmartSUP package includes an ultralight Nano Pump to inflate the high pressure in your SUP. If you want you can pack the small pump into your drybag. For transport just roll the board around the pump to store it in the transport backpack.




Your Advantages at One Glance

++ Take your SmartSUP easy on any of your trips (wherever you go, SUP every opportunity)  ++ Light transport and simple setup (50% smaller and 50% lighter)  ++ Less efforts to inflate the SUP with the pump bag and the nano pump (you can feel the difference) ++ The paddle with pump function is always on board on your trips to adjust the pressure  ++ Higher pressure can be applied easier with the paddle pump than with a standard pump (no more jumping on the pump!)  ++ Hike and SUP  ++ Bike and SUP  ++ Transport up to 5 SmartSUP in your car (all in!)  ++ Attach multifunctional options to your SmartSUP (e.g. kayak seats, jet)  ++ Easy to store  (even under your bed)  ++ Nothing stays behind. Just go!  ++


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SmartSUP Ultralight Performance 5.9

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SmartSUP Ultralight Performance 5.9

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